Side Hole Catheters

catheter holes drill punch machinesIn the medical field there is increasing need for side hole catheters. An efficient and highly technical machine is necessary to achieve this. Equipment must perforate the catheter wall to exacting specifications. Catheters range from a single hole application to requiring up to dozens of holes. The geometry of each part varies as to placement of these holes, as well. For example, holes can be drilled in a single or multiple straight lines, staggered pattern, or spiral. Holes in multi-lumen catheters might need to perforate one or more lumens, but not others. These tight tolerances cause catheter manufacturers to rely on highly technical equipment.

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Drill Catheter Holes

catheter hole drilling burr-free holesIn addition to being able to drill holes to meet a product design’s specifications, machines must also be able to achieve this with speed. In a production environment time is money. Typically, catheters are threaded onto a mandrel in order to perform the necessary hole drilling operations. A catheter hole drilling machine with a quick setup and part change will help a catheter manufacturer meet efficiency goals, thus aiding in achieving overall business goals.

Catheter Drilling Machines

Catheter hole drilling machines can be automated or manually operated. The decision in what to purchase depends on the manufacturing environment. Automated machines generally cost more, but can produce more parts per hour. A manual machine, such as a pneumatic drill, is a valuable asset to a research or development lab, or where initial costs dictate.

Watch sample videos of catheter hole drilling machines in operation.

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